How to choose the right seafood for your restaurant to minimize losses

In the culinary world, seafood plays a key role, adding a touch of freshness and marine flavors to dishes. For restaurant owners, choosing the right seafood is essential to guaranteeing the quality of the dishes served and minimizing losses. Multiplus offers food distribution solutions that incorporate expert advice for local restaurant owners. In this article, we will explore how to make informed seafood choices for your restaurant, to reduce losses and provide a memorable culinary experience for your customers.


Opt for seasonality

Choosing seasonal seafood is a fundamental principle. Multiplus emphasizes this idea by providing access to a variety of fresh, seasonal seafood. Selecting seasonal products not only guarantees optimal flavor, but also greater availability and more affordable costs.


Insist on high quality standards

Multiplus is committed to offering seafood of the highest quality. The same goes for restaurants that want to minimize losses. By choosing products that meet strict standards of freshness, texture and taste, you reduce the risk of spoilage and waste. High quality standards also guarantee a superior taste experience for your customers.


Manage quantities with forethought

Careful management of quantities is essential to minimize losses. Multiplus offers flexible options for ordering quantities tailored to your needs. Depending on how busy your restaurant is, it's essential to calculate expected demand and adjust orders accordingly. This prevents unused surpluses and unnecessary losses.



Communication with suppliers

Multiplus encourages close communication between restaurant owners and seafood suppliers. A trusting relationship makes it possible to discuss your restaurant's specific needs, seasonal fluctuations and customer preferences. Open communication also facilitates quick adaptation to sudden changes in the market.


Be creative with the menu

A diversified menu maximizes the use of seafood. Multiplus offers a variety of products, opening the way to a multitude of culinary creations. Offering innovative and varied dishes helps to better balance stocks, reduce the risk of surplus and minimize losses.


Proper storage and handling

Proper storage is crucial to preserve seafood freshness. Multiplus use the best storage practicing. Ensuring the right temperature, avoiding cross-contamination and respecting consumption times all contribute to preserving product quality.


Choosing the right seafood for your restaurant is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge of the products, the seasons and the needs of your establishment. As a trusted supplier, Multiplus offers not only quality seafood products, but also advice to guide you in these crucial decisions. By following the principles of seasonality, local sourcing, high quality standards, quantity management, supplier communication, menu creativity and proper storage, you can minimize losses, reduce waste and deliver an exceptional culinary experience to your customers. Trust Multiplus to support you in this process, and make your restaurant an example of sustainability and quality.

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