Essential sanitary products for food establishments to maintain impeccable cleanliness

In the food distribution, packaging and sanitary products sector, Multiplus distinguishes itself by offering a complete range of products essential to the cleanliness and hygiene of food establishments. Located in Dorval, Multiplus delivers quality solutions to its customers. In this blog post, we will highlight the sanitary products essential for maintaining impeccable cleanliness in food establishments.


Cleaning and disinfection products

To ensure impeccable cleanliness in food establishments, the right cleaning and disinfection products are essential. Multiplus offers a wide range of products including detergents, disinfectants, multi-surface cleaners and floor cleaners. These specific products effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from surfaces, reducing the risk of food contamination.


Protective gloves and masks

Employees in food establishments are constantly in contact with food, making the use of protective gloves essential. Disposable latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves provide a protective barrier against contaminants and help prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, face masks are also essential to protect both staff and customers in food establishments from germs and airborne particles.


Hand hygiene products

Hand hygiene is crucial to preventing the spread of disease in food establishments. Multiplus offers a variety of hand hygiene products such as antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers and automatic soap dispensers. These products ensure effective hand disinfection, eliminating bacteria and potentially present viruses.


Surface protection products

To maintain impeccable cleanliness, it's important to protect surfaces in food establishments from splashes, stains and germs. The high-quality paper towels and napkins offered by Multiplus make it possible to clean surfaces quickly and keep them hygienic. In addition, disposable tablecloths offer a practical solution for preventing contamination during meals.


Equipment maintenance products

As well as cleaning surfaces, it's important to take care of the equipment used in food establishments. Multiplus offers specific products for the maintenance of kitchen equipment, such as descalers for coffee machines, degreasers for cooker hoods and oven cleaners. These products keep equipment in good working condition, ensuring its durability and efficiency.


Deodorizing products

Unpleasant odors can quickly affect the customer experience in a food establishment. Multiplus offers a selection of deodorizing products such as air fresheners, odor neutralizers and scented disinfectants. These products eliminate bad odors and leave a fresh scent in the air, improving the overall ambiance of the establishment.


In conclusion, by supplying not only cleaning and disinfecting products, but also a complete range of solutions for maintaining equipment and eliminating unpleasant odors, Multiplus has positioned itself as a trusted partner for maintaining impeccable cleanliness in food establishments in the Greater Montreal area. By relying on their quality sanitary products, food establishments can ensure safety, customer satisfaction and compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. Trust Multiplus to meet all your cleanliness and hygiene needs, and provide your food establishment with a healthy, impeccable environment.
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